Wine Flavours and Aromas Trail

Wine is one of the most regional product.  Each opened bottle tells the story of different area, climate and people who made the drink closed in it. We invite for a trip following the trail full of wonderful wines from the landed estates cellars, where the wine culture has always been present. 

Each facility on a trail has its own wine specialization and it makes it unique on an ecological map of Poland. Every day wine is inextricably linked to cuisine. It is the main topic of different wine and culinary events. You can have  pleasure of a tasting journey in each of them to a different part of the wine world, and with it a different range of sensation bouquet.

Paths have never been finished in a wine world.
Welcome to the Wine Flavours and Aromas Trail, visiting the following facilities:
Olandia – Chotynia Manor  –  Sieraków Manor – Kombornia Manor