Art is therapy, therapy is art.

Hotel Bristol ART & Medical SPA

Hotel Bristol ART & Medical SPA

Category: 4*
rej. zab.
ul. 1 Maja 1
28-100 Busko Zdrój
Świętokrzyskie Province
phone: (+48) 41 330 30 33

Advantages of the place


A superb localization in the heart of health resort Busko-Zdrój in the direct neighborhood with a band shell, next to the alley leading to the city centre..


Unique medical area, a swimming pool purifed with nanosilver, antigravity running track with technology invented by NASA, air-ionization of the hotel space and rooms.

Art therapy

On four stages of the hotel there are circa 200 art pieces of polish artists for example: Maria Anto, Stanisława Baja, Kuba Bąkowskiego, Edward Dwurnik, Antoni Fałat, Zbigniew Frączkiewicz and many more, the garden of sculpture, terrace in the treetops. In the hotel the activities from art are led.

Attractions in the neighbourhood

The main attractions of the area:

1. Wiślica:

  • Historic area of the city,
  • NMP Collegiate church from the Barczykowska series,
  • the House of Długosz,
  • architectonic pavilion with the baptismal font from the IX th century and with the rests of the Saint Mikołaj church.

2. Szydłów - polish Carcassone:

  • a medieval municipal layout with a preserved defensive city walls with the lenght of 700m,
  • the Cracovian Gate from the XIV century,
  • Saint Władysław parish church built by Kazimierz Wielki in the XIV century,
  • All Saints gothic church from the turn of XIV th and XV th century.

3. Chotel Czerwony:

  • Saint Bartłomiej church
  • exposures of gypsum cut by wells spouting from the rocks.

4. Zimne Wody Reserve:

  • Rare vegetation:  miłek wiosenny, dziewięćsił bezłodygowy czy mikołajek płaskolistny.

Room gallery

Apartment Delux

Luxurios apartment situated in an antique part of the hotel. Stylish arrangement of the interior, the walls are decorated with the paintings of contemporary polish artists. Individaul manual system of...

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Delux Room

SGL, DBL, TWIN room situated in the antique part of the hotel. Arrangement of the room in the style suitable for time the building comes from. Individual manual system of...

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Superior Room

A room with upgraded standard, SGL or  DBL, the walls of the rooms and corridor are decorated with photograms of Maurycy Gomulicki,  air- conditioned, balkony, in a bathroom a bath...

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Services and attractions

  • Rooms: 71
  • air-conditioning
  • Bar - Boutique Cafe
  • Cafe Bristol
  • 5 rooms for SPA treatment
  • 37 rooms for medical and rehabilitation treatment
  • swimming pool
  • 3 dry saunas
  • Finnish sauna
  • gym
  • 2 conference room
  • palarnia cygar
  • garden
  • municipal park
  • Golf - within a 90 km drive from the hotel(Ochmanów)
  • horses - within a 5-minute drive from the hotel


SPA Prestige Awards - The best Boutique SPA 2015
The most beautiful SPA 2015 (Eden Magazine)
The winner of the contest "Hotel hotel with the idea"