Pałac Podonowskich

Podonowskich Palace in Bugaj

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rej. zab.455/A z 16.07.1988r.
Bugaj 7
63-440 Raszków
Wielkopolska Province
phone: (+48) 62 734 50 14, 796 470 242

About the Hotel

The Palace has a classical style, built in 1925, as a part of the mansion from 1780.
The object was to be the summer Palace made for the gen. August Gorzeński. The project of the Palace, was realized, however, over 100 years later by Jan Czarnecki for his son, Zygmunt.. The author of the project is unknown. However, the architecture of the Palace is in the style of Palladian classicism, indicating Stanislaw Zawadzki to be an author, or someone in his entourage. The author of such objects as Dobrzyca Palace, Palace in Śmiełów or Palac in Lubostroń , derived from the best practices of the Italian architecture.

In the carefully restored interiors, respecting the original layout, has been designed hotel with a restaurant. The central and at the same time, the main room in the Palace,  is a classic,  high on two floors, ballroom,  decorated with the molding. The oak floor, in the shape of “rose wind”, is the perfect complement of the classical shapes.  Beyond this, on the ground floor, there are two halls (area about 50 m2. each). One, on the west, combined with the orangery and the other, from the east, combined with buffet. The western restaurant hall is decorated with wooden ceiling, paneled with polychrome coat of arms. This is a unique form of the story of two families of Polish aristocracy. In 46 fields coffers are family coats of arms from the Count Zygmunt Czarnecki and his wife Isabel of Potocki family.

In the ground floor, there is also a bar-reception and outputs for internal, south-west terrace, overlooking at the green, beautiful park. In the south wing of the Palace there is an apartment, consisting of two bedrooms, living room with kitchen, bathroom and toilet. The apartment has an area. 100 m2, and two separate entrances from inside and outside of the Palace. The first floor consists hotel rooms, singles, doubles and triples, with bathrooms. Two of those rooms, have terraces overlooking at the park.

The cellar of the Palace, in the southern part, consist the technical and economic rooms, and also kitchen. Under the ballroom, there is a wine bar. The pride of the winery, is an original and highlighted well. The rest of the rooms in a cellar will be intended, in the near future, for SPA.


In the Palace there are four dining rooms, banquet hall, armorial hall, orangery. Specialty cuisine is a duck with apple and orange, served with potato.